Beach Treks

We offer 2 hour guided beach rides on the Marahau Beach, which include a lesson in our sandy arena. We introduce you to your horse and teach you the basic commands you will need to guide your horse once riding out. Our experienced guides will be able to offer advice and make sure you are feeling comfortable in the arena before heading out.

Cost for this is $95.00 NZ per person.

Please note we have a 12 and over age limit for children riding on beach treks.

We also offer half hour paddock rides for younger children at a cost of $35.00 NZ per person for half an hour. The children will be able to help brush and saddle up their horse and then enjoy a lead rein ride around our farm, safely lead by one of our guides.

Our guides are first aid trained and competent horse riders who look forward to taking you out to the beach.