Equine Inspired Charitable Trust

Abel Tasman Horse Trekking is very proud to sponsor Equine Inspired Charitable Trust.

Equine Inspired is very proud to deliver the Horses Helping Human’s™ program. This is an internationally recognised, interactive, practical and award-winning program founded by Sue Spence in 2006.

It is an innovative equine-assisted life coaching program that integrates extensive knowledge-bases in interpersonal communication skills, body language, emotional intelligence and personality types. It is designed to help people develop emotional control, effective communication and body language skills. These basic skills are necessary to enable people to turn their aggression or anxiety into calm assertiveness.

We work with Youth and Family services and are producing outcomes of re engagement back into school or study, helping reduce re offending, teaching self regulation, educating and normalising mental health and also working with trauma clients from Domestic Violence and abuse.

The Program Aims to:

Build Confidence & Self esteem
Develop Emotional Awareness, Control & Self Discipline
Apply Anger Management & Impulse Control Develop Healthy Relationship Skills and Respect for Others and Self

The program is designed to be effective with Families, Corporate Teams, Domestic Violence Victims, Youth at Risk and those with Mental Health struggles. The program specifically helps people to learn how to display calm assertiveness, to focus and to have respect as well as empathy for others.

In particular, this program is producing good results with people ranging from improved behaviour in school, reduced suspensions and better engagement in the community.

Youth are referred to the program by psychologists and other youth & family welfare services. This referral process ensures that all youth participating in the program are in need of benevolent aid due to factors such as family history of domestic violence, low socio-economic conditions; and mental health issues.

The program uses the basic principles of natural horsemanship groundwork (no riding) which is about building rapport, using gentle communication and respectful methods that are grounded in encouraging connection and natural cooperation.

Clients learn how they can adjust their own body language and breathing to regulate their emotions and improve their assertive communication. The program remodels neural pathways to change old behavior patterns and has proven outcomes with anxiety, aggression, ADHD, PTSD, strengthening interpersonal relationships and improving confidence.

For further information on the amazing work we are doing in our community, please see our website at http://hhhequineinspired.co.nz