The information below outlines the change in operations to all equine services offered by Abel Tasman Equine Centre and Abel Tasman Horse Trekking due to Covid-19.

Any advice or regulations set out by the NZ government regarding a specific pandemic will be adhered to.

The following is based off the most recent pandemic alert level system created by the New Zealand government during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. More specifically level 2, where tour operations are still able to run but with restrictions. These procedures shall be reviewed and updated as more up to date information is released by the government.

Please refer to the New Zealand Government pandemic website for the specifics on the current pandemic regulations Here 


All our services will operate strictly in line with all NZ Government and Ministry of Health procedures and policies to keep customers and staff safe from Covid-19. Below are our outlying policies:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for staff and client use upon arrival and departure to the base
  • Clients and staff will be kept a minimum of 1m away from each other at all times
  • Appropriate PPE will be provided for clients and staff at any point considered necessary
  • All equipment will be disinfected and washed after use

Clients will be asked if they are/ have been sick, had Covid-19, or are awaiting test results for Covid-19, before booking a trip. Clients will be asked if they have any of the following symptoms, in which case they would be encouraged to cancel:

  • a new or worsening cough
  • a high temperature (at least 38°C)
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • temporary loss of sense of smell


We will be communicating with staff regularly each working day, in regards to their health and well-being, to ensure that they only come onto site when in good health

  • Contract Tracing will be in place for all staff and clients who are on site each day



All our PPE, cleaning materials, and cleaning protocol will be informed by the Ministry of Health and NZ Government policies. Below are our outlying hygiene policies:

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at our base for staff and clients to use upon arrival and departure as well as during their time on base
  • Staff will wear gloves while on the property in order to be protected from high touch surfaces such as gates, taps, and all horse tack
  • All equipment cleaned after customer use, this includes helmets, chaps, saddle blankets, saddles and bridles, halters, and lead ropes
  • Staff will remain a minimum of 1m distance from clients

In line with all Ministry of health and NZ Government procedures, we will disinfect known direct contact and high touch areas after customer use.



All our PPE, cleaning material, and equipment cleaning protocols will be informed by the Ministry of Health and NZ Government policies. 

  • Latex gloves and face-masks will be kept in the guides first aid saddle bags should it be necessary to be closer than the 1m distance to clients, in instances such as needing to administer first aid.
  • All equipment touched by staff and clients will be disinfected between sessions and at the end of the day.
  • The clients equipment, such as helmets and chaps, will be rotated so that we alternate the use of equipment to every 4 days. This will be documented with date and equipment details on the whiteboard. The ‘resting’ equipment will be placed in a designated isolation place for the 4 days.
  • Saddles and reins will be wiped with disinfectant spray and paper towels.


Horse Riding

We have done everything we can to ensure safe practice when instructing briefings and during guided trips. We have also run drills and observed guides working with clients (guides imitating clients) to ensure we have reduced all possible risk.

  • Clear communication with clients will be made at all times to ensure social distancing regulations are being met
  • All equipment will be cleaned after use
  • We will use individual paper waivers and an individual pen for each client to avoid clients handling the same objects

It is important to note, all guides will be carrying a first aid kit which will include a face mask and latex gloves. If any scenario occurs in which clients need physical help or aid, the guide will wear the appropriate PPE before engaging.